To give online, regardless of membership status, click here.

We are glad to offer our members the convenience of giving online through our MyFBC portal. If you have not registered for MyFBC, then please click here to begin that process. If you are registered for MyFBC but have never given online before, then please follow the instructions on this page.

1. To give online through the members only portal, log in to My FBC
(Members must have an email address on file with the Church Office to do this.)

2. On the blue line under "Welcome, Your Name" click on the word "Giving."

3. In the "Give Now" tab, look under "Enter New Contribution" for the white "Give To" box. Click on the drop-down arrow and choose what fund you want your contribution to be used for and click it.

4. Tab over using your keyboard and type the amount you are giving in the "Amount" box.

5. If this is a one-time contribution, click the blue "Add" button on the right.

6. If you would like this to be a regularly scheduled contribution, click the "Recurring" box and schedule the start date and frequency of contribution.

7. You can add as many different contributions as you would like - single or recurring. Once you have them all entered, click the blue "Give" button at the bottom right.

8. Enter your information as requested. Note this can be a Visa, Mastercard, or bank account. Contact your bank if you are not sure what your Routing (ABA) Number is. After entering your information, click "Submit Payment" only once.

9. This information remains confidential. It does not come to the Church Office.

10. You can make changes to Scheduled Contributions later by clicking on the pencil icon on the far right of the appropriate line on this same screen.

11. If you require assistance, click on the "Report a Problem" link at the top right next to the blue "Help" and "Sign Out" links. This will allow you to send an email to our Church Office, and someone from our office will respond to you as soon as possible.

12. Always remember to use the blue "Sign Out" link at the top right when you are done.