MDO Curriculum

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"Wee" Learn

Daily Lessons

The "WEE" Learn Curriculum (Weekday Early Education), published by LIfeway, seeks to develop the whole child according to Luke 2:52: "and Jesus increased in wisdom (mental), and stature (physical), and in favor with God (spiritual) and man (social and emotional)." Teachers implement the curriculum with the understanding of how and when a child develops. With this curriculum your child's teacher ensures a positive learning experience with age-appropriate activities in each learning center that relate to a specific unit of study.

"WEE" Learn provides each child with an opportunity to develop mentally, physically, spiritually, socially and emotionally at his/her own pace. The resources also provide each child the opportunity to learn concepts related to God, JEsus, Bible, Church, Family, Nature, Self, and Others and to have age-appropriate experiences in pre-writing, pre-reading, art, science and math. Learning concepts are introduced by the teacher and then interwoven into the activities and experiences throughout the day.

Click below to view a sample of the WEE Learn curriculum:
Sample Toddlers
Sample 2 year old
Sample 3 year old
Sample Pre-K

"E3" - Early Education Enrichment

In addition to our foundational "WEE" Learn curriculum, we further promote kindergarten readiness skills with our "E3" activities. Your child will engage in stimulating activities focusing on:

early literacy skills (such as vocabulary, print motivation, print awareness, narrative skills, letter knowledge and phonological awareness)
pre-math skills (such as matching, comparing, patterning and sequencing, measuring, sorting, etc.)
pre-writing and writing skills (such as hand strengthening exercises, directional movement patterns, effective hand position, which will then facilitate making lines, letters and shapes.)

The use of educational manipulatives (blocks, counting cubes, threading, etc.) will sharpen fine motor skills, while large motor skills and following directions are strengthened through the use of engaging instructional games and songs. All of our fun and effective "E3" activities help to further promote a life-long love of learning and better prepare your child for their exciting kindergarten road that lies ahead.

Music and Movement

Children will attend a Music and Movement class each week. During this time, they will learn age-appropriate songs, and play rhythm and other instruments. Songs learned in Music are designed to enhance the learning of the classroom units. Movement activities help develop large and small motor groups important for every child's muscular development and to further promote coordination and socialization skills.


Chapel is held twice a month for the Three and Four-year-olds and Pre-Kindergarteners. It lasts for approximately 15 minutes. During Chapel, children hear age-appropriate Bible stories found in the "WEE" Learn Curriculum. Children are encouraged to sing and to learn Bible thoughts and stories, such as "God loves me". The Bible truths are age-appropriate and parallel a child's concrete thinking capabilities. All classes use these Bible truths in their daily teachings.