Our Mission

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At First Baptist Church of Plano our purpose is three-fold. We live to bring glory to God as we obey the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:37), live the Great Commitment (Mark 10:45), and fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20). In practical terms, we believe that what we do as a church, as well as individuals, should reflect the following three principles: Loving God, Serving Others, and Sharing Jesus.

Strategic Goals and Initiatives for 2012-2013

Our Mission

Why do we exist?

We live to bring glory to God

  • as we obey the Great Commandment: Loving God;
  • as we live the Great Commitment: Serving others;
  • and as we fulfill the Great Commission: Sharing Jesus.

Our Values

Who do we believe we are?

  • We are a biblical congregation; God’s word is the authority for what we believe and what we do.
  • We are a multigenerational congregation; God has called us together to be His family across many decades.
  • We are a missional congregation; God has a purpose for our church that extends outward for His glory.

Our Goals

What do we intend to do to carry out our mission?

Loving God as a biblical congregation, we intend to

1. Lead our members to develop a lifestyle of personal obedience to God’s Word; and to
2. Engage our members with the comprehensive message of the Bible.

Serving others as a multigenerational congregation, we intend to

1. Celebrate the various generations represented within our congregation; and to
2. Assist each generation in reaching its unique population.

Sharing Jesus as a missional congregation, we intend to

1. Develop and implement a strategy for reaching the community surrounding our church location; to
2. Enable our members to reach their own neighbors for Christ; and to
3. Extend the Gospel to those who have never heard.

Our Strategic Initiatives

What areas of our work will provide the greatest progress toward reaching our goals?

a. Technology and communication
b. Contemporary Worship service
c. Bible study options
d. Updating buildings and site
e. Location considerations
f. Ministry to college students
g. Strengthening intergenerational relationships