Legacy Giving, known also as a Charitable Bequest, is an organized method for individuals to share their estate with their church or non-profit organization, at the time of their death.

Your estate is the sum of your assets, including property you own, your investment portfolio, insurance policies, retirement accounts, savings accounts, cash on hand, etc.

The church has two Endowment Funds established:

  • The Travis .S. Berry Endowment Fund for Missions
  • The Property Endowment Fund for upkeep of the church’s facilities.

Bequeaths can also be made to the general ministry budget of First Baptist Plano or to any of the church’s specific ministries.

The general language of such a bequeath might be:   “I give, devise and bequeath to First Baptist Church of Plano, the sum of $_____ (or a description of the specific asset), for the benefit of the church and its purposes.”   An attorney can help you with the verbiage of your bequest.

If every adult in America made a will and included a bequest of just one hundred dollars, billions of dollars would flow into churches and charitable causes every year.