Apartment Life

First Baptist Plano is seeking to enter into a partnership with Apartment Life to better reach our community for Christ. We will update this section of the website as this relationship evolves. For more information about Apartment Life and their mission please visit their website at www.apartmentlife.org.

First Baptist Plano Community Garden

The goal of the Community Garden is to build relationships with people who live near our church in order to share the Good News of God with them. We want to share the bounty through giving away the produce and we want to share the opportunity to provide for families through growing food. We want God’s purpose to be fulfilled in this garden, as well.

Members of First Baptist Plano, you are invited to accept responsibility for a garden plot! Members of our community are invited, as well. Contact the Church Office if you would like to sign up for a garden plot, 972-424-8551.

Feeding the Hungry with Willowcreek Fellowship 

Items to be collected the first Sunday of each month:

Boxes of macaroni and cheese
Spaghetti sauce
Peanut butter
Canned vegetables
Cranberry sauce
Canned beans
Canned soups
Canned chili
Canned tuna

Plano Homeless and Hungry Ministry

Since October 2009, this First Baptist Plano ministry has sought to provide encouragement, prayer, food, clothing, copies of God’s Word, and hope in Jesus Christ to men and women in Plano who are homeless and/or hungry. We meet on the street each week, distributing to those in need. More than 2900 small bags of food have been distributed during this time. Trust has been earned, friendships have developed, and Christ’s care has been shared. During the cold winter months, our friends have greatly appreciated your generous donations of warm clothing.

The Student Department (7th-12th grades), many Sunday School classes, the Breakfast Bunch members, and other groups and individuals have contributed in significant ways to this ministry. Donations of pre-packaged ready-to-eat food, blankets and season-appropriate clothing are always accepted. New socks are especially appreciated.

For more information, contact John Reglin 972-423-8558.