“Mission” is not a program the church does; it is “who we are” as we follow Jesus Sunday through Saturday.

“Mission” is not an alternative to “growing the church” - it is God’s plan and purpose for sharing the Good News of Jesus with every person on the planet . . . by His grace and for His glory.

If you know Jesus, it is because of God’s mission to you. You have been called to Him - you are being sent by Him. As believers, we have walked across the bridge God has built to reconcile us to Himself - now we are called to build bridges of relationship over which the Gospel can be transported to all who are separated from Him.

“Mission” is not a matter of local vs. global - it is all the work of God. The location is up to Him! Our pastor’s paraphrase of Jesus’ pronouncement in Acts 1:8 forms the framework for the doing of God’s mission:

“When you receive My Holy Spirit, you have everything you need to do what I have commanded: be My witnesses . . . here . . . not far from here . . . a long ways from here . . . and to the ends of the earth!”