View the Calendar / Make a Schedule Request

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1.  Log in to My FBC

  2.  On the blue line under "Welcome, Your Name" hover the cursor on the word "Calendar."

  3.  Choose either "Calendar View" (traditional calendar) or "Table View" (list of events).

  4.  This will open the current month's calendar of events.  To view a different month, click on the links to the far left or far right of the current month and year.

  5.  To view the details of an event, click on the name of the event.  This will show you the date, time and location of the event, as well as a contact number for more information if one is listed.  If more than one room or location is being used, they will be listed in alphabetical order.

  6.  Click the blue "Send to My Calendar" button to add this event to your personal Outlook calendar.  Click "Open" when asked, then "Save and Close."

  7.  Click on "Print" to print out the details.

  8.  To request an event to be placed on the Church Calendar, click on the blue "Add Event" button above the calendar.  This will pop up a form for you to complete.

  9.  Be sure to click the "Submit" button, which will send your request to the Church Office.

10.  You may contact the Church Office on the Tuesday following the submission of the request to check the status of your event.

11.  Be sure to click on the blue "Sign Out" when you are finished.