View My Groups in My FBC

Posted in My FBC

  1.  Log in to My FBC.

  2.  On the blue line under "Welcome, Your Name" click on Groups.

  3.  You will now see a list under My Groups and a list under My Classes.

  4.  Click on the name of a group or class to view the roster.

  5.  Click the blue Export Grid button to export the entire list to an Excel spreadsheet.

  6.  Click the blue Print button to print the entire list.

  7.  Note that the Export and Print buttons do not allow you to choose the information you are given.

  8.  Click on any of the listed email addresses to send an email to that individual.

  9.  To send a group email, use the checkboxes on the left to select who will receive the email, then on the right, click on the "I want to..." drop-down menu and select Group E-mail.

10.  Choose the appropriate sending option, click the blue Next button, then type your message.  Notice the recipient list at the bottom of the page.  When it is ready, click the Send Message button.

11.  Be sure to click on the blue Sign Out when you are finished.