Church on a Hill Praise and Prayer Service

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On Sunday, March 24 the church gathered to praise the Lord for the obstacles that He has seen us through and lift up prayers for the obstacles we are currently facing. Below are the details of that service. 


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Thank you to the following groups for their help with this process:

Strategy Team, Capital Campaign Teams, Trustees, Leadership Council, Building/Construction Committee, Interior Committee, Public Relations Committee, Clinic Team, Title Resolution Group, Church Staff and Support Staff

Praise for what the Lord has done:

  • Unity in the Church
  • Land Negotiation
  • Clinic Settlement
  • Architect Situation/Construction
  • Title Issue
  • Meetings with City Leadership
  • Capital Campaign 
  • UTD Land Plat Issue
  • Bank - Frank Pecorino
  • Buyer
  • Overall Giving 
  • Baptisms
  • LionHeart Children’s Academy

Prayer Requests:

  • Game Plan/Outreach
  • Owen Family Support
  • UTD Land Plat Issue
  • Zoning/Buyer Negotiation/City Officials
  • Maintenance on Current Building
  • Time/Swift Process
  • Timing of Zoning with Timing of UTD land
  • Budget Giving/Stewardship 
  • Leaders/Teams Working on Relocation
  • Continued Unity