April 27th, 2014

Written by Jerry Carlisle. Posted in Pastor's Blog

It’s always fun to take a novice to the theater.  (I don’t mean the movie with a screen, but the theater with a stage!)  The buzz of the audience, the hush when the lights dim, the anticipation of the curtain being raised so that the backdrop, set, and actors can begin the story—what a joy to watch someone you care about taking it all in for the first time!

There comes a point in time when the curtain falls at the conclusion of a scene.  Often, the uninitiated will look puzzled and ask, “Is it over already?”  Because you’ve been there before, you reassure them—“No, it’s only the transition between scenes.  The story will continue!”

As we celebrate the conclusion of Debbie Parker’s ministry with our children and their families, we’re at one of those transitions between scenes.  Tonight at 6:00 p.m. in the Gathering Hall, we’ll celebrate and encourage and bless Debbie—grateful to God for the gift that she has been to our congregation.  I hope you’ll come and hug her neck and speak God’s grace; it’s what church families do!  This is the time to say “good-bye,” and we want to do it well.

Let me reassure you—this is only the transition between scenes.  The story will continue!  Debbie’s part in the script has taken her to another venue; the saga of God’s work in the lives of boys and girls and their families through First Baptist Church of Plano will most certainly move forward as the Holy Spirit whispers His prompts to us—the church!  Our role is to follow His direction and play our parts.  The curtain falls at the end of one scene so the next phase of the story can begin.

The process our church has chosen begins with and ends with prayer; it is essential that we pray with every step along the way.  Steps are already underway to secure an interim Children’s Minister to ensure the uninterrupted continuation of this vital aspect of our church’s work.  This provides time for carefully, prayerfully seeking the Lord’s guidance for the person He will lead to work with us on a permanent basis.  The Church Council has been assigned responsibility for recommending members of a special “search” committee to the church for congregational approval.  Once that group has been duly elected, the members will covet your prayers and welcome your suggestion of potential candidates.

As the curtain is being raised—even now—you can certainly help!  Beyond the essential prayer support, you can volunteer to serve in children’s Bible study and in Vacation Bible School (June 23-27).  The Sports Camp and the Cheer Camp in July will be great opportunities for God to use you in reaching and ministering to children.  Let’s share in presenting the story of God’s Good News!