Gracious Heart

A few weeks ago the title was “Anxious Heart”. Jesus is now in the middle of his suffering and enduring what he was anxious about and in agony about. In this moment he prays for forgiveness for his enemies.

Let This Cup Pass

For Us

Jesus transitions his prayer from his disciples that he walked and talked with to the people that would come to faith in the future through the disciples message. Ultimately this prayer is specifically about you and me. Jesus extends his prayer for unity and that becomes a dominant theme of this section of the prayer. The prayer for unity is so the world will believe and know. With this explanation Jesus continues His unwavering focus and attention on the mission. Jesus wants us to be WITH Him, to SEE Him, and most importantly he desires to be IN us. So the world will know.

For Them

Eyes Lifted Up

Let's Rejoice

Anxious Heart

His Yoke

One Eye Open

The Detour

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