4xFour Challenge

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As our church ventures into 2013 and looks forward to what God has in store, we have committed ourselves to something called the 4xFour Challenge. All it is is an intentional way of sharing Jesus with our friends, family, and other people that come into our lives. We believe that Jesus' command in Matthew 28 to make disciples is at the core of what it means to follow him personally, so together as a congregation we are uniting to share Jesus in a purposeful, intentional, and Jesus-centered way. The 4xFour Challenge is simple!

Identify, Intercede, Invest, Invite. These four "I's" are at the heart of the 4xFour process, and help provide clarity for sharing Jesus with others. With these four personal imperatives there is also a congregational component. Throughout the year, First Baptist Plano will be offering events for you to invite your 4xFour people to. These events will be fun and informal, but will include a clear presentation of the gospel. Look over the following information and be in prayer for how God will use the 4xFour Challenge in your own personal life!



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Kent and Erika Parks, FBC Missionaries in Residence

Kent and Erika Parks and their daughters

Dr. Kent Parks, President & CEO of Act Beyond (formerly Mission to Unreached Peoples) served with his wife, Erika, in SEAsia for 20 years, working mainly as strategy coordinators among Muslim unreached people groups (UPGs) of Southweast Asia.

Kent has also developed trans-national, trans-denominational networks at various levels. He is the Co-Facilitator for Ethne——(a global network of UPS-focused leaders), is part of the World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission, and is Senior Associate for Least Reached Peoples with Lausanne Committee on World Evangelization.

Erika Parks serves as the Director of Training for Act Beyond. She is gifted in discipling and has trained many disciple-makers throughout her years in SEAsia. As the Director of Training for Act Beyond, Erika has planned and coordinated numerous church planting movement trainings around the world. She has previously served in roles relating to new workers and language students as well as educational consultation for former missions organizations. Kent and Erika have two adult daughters.

Ronnie Adams

Ronnie AdamsIn September 1995, FBC Plano native Ronnie Adams was appointed by the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship as an Urban Minister in New York City. He partners with Metro Baptist Church and Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries to facilitate their joint efforts.  Read an article here from the Associated Baptist Press about Ronnie's ministry efforts in NYC.  Go here to read his reflection about Leslie, a person living with AIDS that he encountered in his ministry.


The Magruders

Wesley and Leah Magruder and their three daughters


Dr. Lee Baggett and Manos Hermanas, A.C

Manos Hermanas, a non-profit group with which medical missionary Lee Baggett is affiliated, partners with local officials in the state of Zacatecas, Mexico, and Baptist mission teams to do many improvement projects, including construct wells and outhouses, as well as testing local water and installing water purifiers for communities and individual homes. They are also working for hunger relief projects by dehydrating alfalfa concentrate as a food supplement, and by developing a drip irrigation system for families and for communities to increase food production with the little water available in the semi-desert regions of Mexico.

"We don't try to separate individuals or families from their community," Baggett said. "We work with the whole community on their project."

Leaders believe this approach to mission work and evangelism is the way to reach one of the least evangelized states in Mexico. Less than one half of one percent of Zacatecas residents are evangelical Christians. There are eight evangelical churches in a state where about six million people reside.

Dr. Baggett's ministry also works in association with Dr. Omar Nicolás Aguilar of the Hospital MéxicoAmericano in Guadalajara, Mexico.



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FBC Community Garden
The goal of the Community Garden is to build relationships with people who live near our church in order to share the Good News of God with them. We want to share the bounty through giving away the produce; we want to share the opportunity to provide for families through growing food. We want God’s purpose to be fulfilled in this garden, as well.

Members of FBC Plano, you are invited to accept responsibility for a garden plot! Members of our community are invited, as well. Contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to sign up for a garden plot.

We invite you to donate new and good quality used garden tools. Cash donations and gift cards to Home Depot or Lowes can also be used to purchase the tools we need. The Community Garden Ministry Team thanks you for your support of this local outreach mission.

2014 Adopt-a-Plot Agreement Form
2014 Adopt-a-Plot Registration Form
2014 Adopt-a-Plot Background Check Form

Feeding the Hungry with Willowcreek Fellowship 

           Items to be collected the first Sunday of each month:
                 Boxes of macaroni and cheese 
                 Spaghetti sauce
                 Peanut butter
                 Canned vegetables
                 Cranberry sauce
                 Canned beans
                 Canned soups
                 Canned chili
                 Canned tuna

Kids Hope USA

Plano Children's Medical Clinic

Plano Homeless and Hungry Ministry

Since October 2009, this First Baptist Church ministry has sought to provide encouragement, prayer, food, clothing, copies of God’s Word, and hope in Jesus Christ to men and women in Plano who are homeless and/or hungry. We meet on the street each week, distributing to those in need. More than 2900 small bags of food have been distributed during that time. Trust has been earned, friendships have developed, and Christ’s care has been shared.

During the cold winter months, our friends have greatly appreciated your generous donations of warm clothing.

The Student Department (7th-12th grades), many Sunday School classes, the Breakfast Bunch members, and other groups and individuals have contributed in significant ways to this ministry. Donations of pre-packaged ready-to-eat food, blankets and season-appropriate clothing are always accepted. New socks are especially appreciated.

For more information, contact Tim Kurth (469-226-1834) or John Reglin (972-423-8558).

Primera Iglesia Bautista (Plano, TX)

Prison Ministries

Not far from here...

Rio Grande Valley Mission

Texas Baptist World Hunger

Texas Baptist Men Disaster Relief

A long ways from here...

Blankets for Zacatecas

Zacatecas is a high-desert area of Mexico where the winters are extremely cold and the people are very poor. Through our partnership with Dr. Lee Baggett and Manos Hermanas we are able to purchase blankets in Mexico for $5.00 each to be distributed to the people living there. We encourage everyone to be a part of this effort. These blankets make the difference between life or death for many people each winter.

Please designate “Blankets” on your envelope to be sure it reaches the correct missions project fund.

To the ends of the earth...

Act Beyond

Baptist World Alliance

Scan with your mobile device to download the BWA Mobile App.

We’re Your network to the world!®

221 Baptist associations, conventions, and unions, in 120 countries, with 41 million baptized believers

Visit the website -

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On Twitter, follow @TheBWA, and the Youth Department @BWAYouth.

"The world is bigger than you think - God is bigger than you know - God's call on your life is greater than you've understood."  Jesus' words to Simon in Luke 5:10 foreshadow the remainder of the big fisherman's life:  "Don't be afraid; from now on you will catch men."

The world, our God, His call.  In 2004, our congregation took significant steps as we began to participate with the Baptist World Alliance in new ways.  Rather than participating through surrogate organizations, we began to contribute directly to the BWA when the fundamentalist leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention withdrew financial support and quit because they could not control the direction of the BWA when the delegates allowed the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship to join.  After the Baptist General Convention of Texas joined the Baptist World Alliance, our pastor was asked to serve as a member of the General Council of the BWA, representing Texas Baptists and our church.  The General Council is the decision-making body of the BWA.

What is the BWA?  The Baptist World Alliance is a fellowship of 214 Baptist conventions and unions comprising a membership of more than 37 million baptized believers.  The BWA unites Baptists worldwide, leads in world evangelism, responds to people in need, defends human rights, and promotes theological reflection.

In October 2009, Dr. Neville Callam, General Secretary of the Baptist World Alliance, preached at FBC Plano - encouraging us from the Word of God to be faithful in taking the Gospel to the whole world.

A German named Johann Gerhard Oncken was baptized in 1834 and helped form a church in Hamburg.  He traveled across Europe, where state churches had effectively prevented "free church" expression to share the gospel.  When asked if he was a missionary, he responded, "Jeder Baptist ein Missionar" (Every Baptist is  a missionary").

The world.  Our God.  His call.  Let's get after it!






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Designated gifts for specific mission needs, and undesignated gifts for missions endeavors, are distributed accurately and appropriately each year through the church Financial Office.

Our primary vehicle for giving - over and above the tithes and offerings that support our church operating budget - is the Annual Missions Offering.

Two ways to give:

Online Giving (instructions available here)

Missions Offering Envelope

FBC Plano missions envelope



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“Mission” is not a program the church does; it is “who we are” as we follow Jesus Sunday through Saturday.

“Mission” is not a alternative to “growing the church” - it is God’s plan and purpose for sharing the Good News of Jesus with every person on the planet . . . by His grace and for His glory.

If you know Jesus, it is because of God’s mission to you.  You have been called to Him - you are being sent by Him.  As believers, we have walked across the bridge God has built to reconcile us to Himself - now we are called to build bridges of relationship over which the Gospel can be transported to all who are separated from Him.

“Mission” is not a matter of local vs. global - it is all the work of God.  The location is up to Him!  Our pastor’s paraphrase of Jesus’ pronouncement in Acts 1:8 forms the framework for the “doing” of God’s mission:

            “When you receive My Holy Spirit, you have everything you need to do what I have commanded:  be My witnesses . . .

            . . . here . . . not far from here . . . a long ways from here . . . and to the ends of the earth!”